By John Thomas Tuft

I know you probably don’t remember my name

But you gave me a glimpse of a different way to be me

On an early summer’s eve in upstate New York

For a few short hours I was completely free.

I was laying in a field staring up at the stars

When I heard you laughing as you shuttered your small store

When I sat up you saw me and came to say hello

And the story promised in your eyes had me wanting more.

I told you how my friends abandoned me to go explore the city

You worried about getting me a good warm meal

I was entranced by the breeze playing in your hair

We sang an old sea chanty as I wondered if all this was real.

You stood, took my hand, and led me down the lane

I was lost in the promise of your curves as we journeyed along

We turned in at the home of your family, I remember warm glow

Laughter and conversation within bonds that showed strong.

Later you walked me back as I cherished the thought of a kiss

And I marveled at our ease even as I felt an aching start

For what is one night in the timeline of our lives

A treasure tucked away, a letter never sent, a small crack in the heart?