By John Thomas Tuft

From across the crowded ballroom I saw her

Elegant as a moonbow tracing the night

Curls teasing at the back of her neck

And I thanked God for the gift of sight.

She is dancing away from me now in the arms of another

Laughing with her eyes and the tease of a smile

But for one quick heartbeat she caught me watching

While the curves of her gown mock my supplicant style.

I could not tell from the light in her eyes if she remembered

The night we danced in Paris on the Champs-Elysees

Or the way that I held her close as we moved together

Her lips brushing against mine as light as a breeze

But now I am alone in the dull pain of my deception

My heart left in jagged pieces of her love now gone

I am on the sidelines beholding an angel

Dancing without meā€¦and the band played on.