By John Thomas Tuft

The stage is darkened, the floodlights turned low

Only the ghost light burns to welcome spirits recluse

Barely breathing I steal across the hardwood now

But I never danced can no longer be my excuse.

I reach the center mark as my heart raps the beat

And bow low to the orchestra of specters at the ready

The audience of empty chairs arrayed in silent rows

My arms at awkward angles, my legs far from steady.

I want to move in rythmn in a way that makes it clear

That the sight of you is the catch in my throat

The look in your eyes makes me replicate the beat

I never danced but this effort is to you my note.

If every tear is a waterfall and every kiss a smile

And every expression of love is taking a chance

Then let me slowly take you in my arms

And begin to sway together to dance like I never danced.