By John Thomas Tuft

Hearing powerful lyrics in a song
Watching a movie crafted with love
Putting on a flannel shirt in the cool fall air
Drinking coffee while eating something sweet
Finding a kitten who wants to be held
Hearing from a friend who says they were thinking of me
Hearing someone say, “I enjoy talking to you.”
Waking up and nothing hurts
Having no regret about where I came from
Catching that glimpse of light in the eyes of someone looking at me
The feel of someone’s hand slipping into mine
Walking into a diner for breakfast
Holding a warm chocolate chip cookie
That first bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie
Making warm chocolate chip cookies
A grandchild texting to me, “Grandpa, I’m in love!”
Memories of sitting on porches for no good reason
Playing catch with my father
Playing catch with my children
Playing catch with my grandchildren
Playing catch
Standing in a warm pasture with a flock of sheep
Memories of conversations with my friend Ada
The first inhaling of the scent of dirt, sun warmed grass, and water at Camp Lambec
Memories of being taught it is better to give
Paying the tab of a struggling stranger as I leave the diner
Listening to my mother confide in me
Opening the envelope and reading, “We want to publish your…”
A dog running to greet me like I meant more than free food
My children running to greet me like I meant more than free food
Making this list…
Knowing that you read this list…

Words are magic and writers are wizards.