By John Thomas Tuft

The last time we spoke

I heard you say it was too far away

You did not know if you would ever get home

Before I go for the last time

I am composing a poem

Not much to hold in the night when you’re left all alone

I lie in the dark trying to forget I am falling

Swimming far out from the shore, I’m drowning

Loving until your heart breaks means it is not made of stone.

I saw a girl who thought she was an angel

Walking down the middle of the road in the snow

Listening to an invisible choir singing hope to all of us here below

Maybe if I was Superman I could show her no one was there

Put my red cape around her and protect her from all harm

But without her pain and confusion how would we ever know?

All of the people with nothing to do and nothing to lose

Believe that Humpty Dumpty deserved everything that came his way

And never learn that passionate kisses unlock a heavenly show.

I’m setting out to find dragons to slay but the road is very long

Through the darkness and the dawn until the sword grows heavy

And when I look back for you I discover that you are gone

I find myself back beside the water where we first met

Building a fire alone and watching it burn till I no longer remember

Searching through the ashes, lost in the embers…