By John Thomas Tuft

When I look in the mirror

I can see to the other side

When I’m talking in my sleep

I’m talking to you

When I see that look come in your eyes

I am looking for somewhere to hide.

Because my biggest secret is…

I don’t know.

It could take a whole other lifetime

Before I get it right

I want the last word of my last sentence

To be love

Spoken to someone who has never known it

So I can know before I go that I did something

With what was entrusted to me

Revealed the biggest secret

Hitherto and thereof…

When the dark night seems endless, goes the prayer,

Please remember me

As I ponder must all secrets be clearly shown

Because if there is something about me

That you really must see before you love

Who will mend my broken heart of its fears

That my defenses are now overthrown?

Because my biggest secret is…

I don’t know.