By John Thomas Tuft

She rolled over in the bed, tired of sleeping with regrets

She wanted all his words even if he was lying

But tired of all the funerals for her feelings

The ties that bind dissolve with her crying.

He steps out to the deck drinking his grief from a cup

Letting the mask slip away from his eyes

Wondering if he must wait forever and a day

But in a tale as old as time, he fails if he never tries.

A mother clutches her comforting worries close around

And folds the fears of her children into her heart

The ties that bind slipped from her womb

And continue on long after they depart.

The old man sits alone on a bench in the park

Sifting through memories as they fall to the ground

Hoping no one notices he forgets to pick them up

While the feast of ties that bind continues all around.